Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fall at Mohican

Even though this years leaf color has been far from the stellar year we had last year here and here, a few Sundays ago we decided to take an afternoon drive to the Mohican State Park. We should have gone one week earlier for peak, but some areas still had nice color.
Couldn't resist taking this photo at the Amish neighbors gathered for church.
  Mohican State Park is located in southern Ashland county and is comprised of 1,100 acres. The Mohican-Memorial State Forest surrounds the park with 4,795 acres.
Our first stop was the firetower which is one of the last remaining in Ohio. We climbed the 100 plus steps to the top to take in the views.
A few views from the firetower.

 It was windy up on the tower and it caused just enough blur to make this picture look like a painting.
Covered Bridge over the Clear Fork of the Mohican River.
The Clear Fork of the Mohican River.
Clearfork Gorge from the Overlook

Wolf Creek/Pine Run Grist Mill
This grist mill in 1831 and was originally located north of Loudonville at Wolf Creek. It was moved and restored at this location in 1971 next to Pine Run Stream.
I was disappointed to find they had closed for the season.
Landoll's Mohican Castle
Since we were in the area we decided to take a little time and find this resort in a very remote area not far from Mohican. Up a narrow, gravel, winding road, miles from the nearest highway is not where you would normally find a castle. Just as we were certain we were on the wrong road, there it was.

Love the beautiful stone work!
We took a longer scenic route 'Wally Road Scenic Byway' on the return home and came across this beautiful old 1800s schoolhouse. Almost reminds me of Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains.
The plaque says Mohican Log Cabin, also on Wally Road.
LOVE old barns!

The Wally Scenic Byway is 10 miles long and travels through 3 counties on county roads that parallel the Mohican State Scenic River. Wally Road was named for The Walhonding Railroad that once ran this same route along the Mohican River. Today when you drive Wally Road you are driving over the exact same route the railroad followed.


  1. Love your post. Isn't it amazing how Landoll's Castle is so hidden. Jr. and I were looking for a place to eat last year when we went leaf peeking and saw this tiny sign out by the main road that led us to believe that they had a restaurant at Landoll's Castle. We didn't know there was a place like that, but decided to look it up. It was almost dark and by the time we got there it was dark. We kept saying to each other that there's no way there's a castle up here in the boonies.....much less one with a restaurant. Finally we said we came this far we're not giving up now. I think the restaurant mainly is open in the evening. This year I told Jr. I want to see the place during daylight hrs. so I can see how the place looks. I think they have a lot of weddings there. They also were giving some people a carriage ride. So sad the leaves are all off the trees now. Sigh. I wish there was a winter leaf for the trees. No leaves for 6 or 7 month is a very long time. We need way more evergreens in the area then what we have.

    1. I didn't realize it was in such a remote area either. The place was almost deserted.
      I hate to see the leaves gone. It's so drab:(

  2. Great Autumn photos, Pearl. I love covered bridges --and that castle is really unusual.... Wow!!!! When I first glanced at the photo of the little church, I immediately thought that it looked like the Smokies....

    I posted some Autumn photos yesterday also from my yard. The leaves are mostly all gone now --after the wind we have had and the cold front...


    1. I thought it was a church at first but the sign said it was a school. It just reminded me so much of Cade's Cove.

  3. Beautiful Pics! I also love old barns and always get the urge to explore them. They seem to hold so many stories

  4. The photos are lovely. You got some great Fall shots, but I have to say that Mohican Castle is spectacular.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. The photos are lovely. You got some great Fall shots, but I have to say that Mohican Castle is spectacular.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Wow, what a wonderful series of shots, all that gorgeous color! Love that long line up of the Amish buggies and the covered bridge most...

  7. You captured some beautiful color! The castle is absolutely gorgeous, I agree with you about the stone work. I especially love the covered bridge. I am hoping that sometime this coming year we will be able to tour southern Iowa and see the Bridges of Madison County.