Friday, November 29, 2013

Canadian Rockies

Mount Amery
This long overdue post is continuing day 9 after leaving the Columbia Icefields.
 Just a few more photos as we head back to Banff to spend some time in town.
Finally we had a bear sighting. The lack of wildlife was disappointing but we saw this bear and cub by the side of the road and one other bear not far from this one. Not a grizzly like I was hoping, but at least we saw bear.
Mount Rundle
Bow River
 Banff is very much a scenic tourist town. The town's main street was intentionally laid out in such a way that it would offer the best possible views of Cascade mountain.
Driving down main street one looks as if he is driving straight into Cascade Mountain.
 St. Paul's Presbyterian Church
 I saw a lot of these unfamiliar birds in Canada. Finally found out they were Magpies. 
 We stayed at the Chateau Canmore a Quality Resort in Canmore. Air Conditioning at last! I guess the AC is what made it a Quality Resort because the rooms sure could have used some updating!
Some more of those beautiful delphiniums in front of the hotel.
 I think the three peaks in the center behind the lamppost and to the right are the Three Sisters. We will get a better view of them in my next post. On the other side of those mountains you will be in the prairies. 

I loved the long days in Canada. Still daylight at 9:30pm.
This was our last day in the Canadian Rockies and then we begin the long trip back home.


  1. Lovely city. You got some great shots of everything, even the bears. LOL
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. Thanks Cher. I was so happy we got to see them since wildlife seemed to be scarce.

  2. Banff, is our favorite town in the Canadian Rockies. We got in late that night, but Jr. and I parked our luggage in our room and went out on the town. Most of the stores are open late. There were college age kids playing music here and there, probably looking for tips. All around a very nice town in an awesome setting. According to the research I've done in working on my pictures, one sees more wildlife if you get off the main highway and go on the side roads and are back in a little more. All this research makes me want to go back to all these places and see the sights that I missed.

    1. Really wish we had more time there. I feel like there's so much more we didn't get to!

  3. Another beautiful post. Banff reminds me a little (the town) of Gatlinburg--kinda snuggled in the mountains!!!!

    I definitely hope I get there someday… It's all gorgeous.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did.

  4. It reminds me of Gatlinburg too! It's a lot more upscale though! By that I mean not every other store is a t-shirt shop!
    Had a great Thanksgiving!

  5. What a quaint town! In your photo's, it was reminding me a little of Gatlinburg as well!