Friday, June 20, 2014

New Hosta's in the Garden

I know it's been a while since I've updated but there are a few reasons for that. First, there's the never-ending spring work of which I'm about a month behind this year, went on vacation, and after we came home my computer was giving me issues again.

Blogging is kind of like having a second job and its really hard to get back into it after being away from it for so long!

But regardless of how busy I am, I have to have some new hosta's!
'Lakeside Shoremaster'
For a while I was thought I wasn't going to have time to go hosta shopping this year but last week we found a day that worked for both of us, and took a day trip to Wade and Gatton in Bellville. I also picked up some of these hosta's from Cory's Hostas in Chillicothe, Ohio on our way home from vacation.
'Earth Angel'
'Earth Angel' is Hosta of the Year 2009 and is a sport of 'Blue Angel' but with a cream margin.

'Sun Power'
 'Sun Power' is a large hosta that likes some bright light for best color. It was so tall I left it tied up until it gets settled in.
'Peter Ruh'
'Tokudama Aureonebulosa'
Try to pronounce that one! A notorious slow grower but a beauty when full grown.
A compact hosta with semi-glossy yellow leaves that turn apple green in summer.
Love that name!
'Clear Fork River Valley'
This was a Van Wade 2007 introduction named for the river that runs through Wade and Gatton.
This hosta offers some of the heaviest corrugation found on a hosta.
'Great Expectations'
After I bought this one I read that it can be very difficult to grow and it grows slowly. So I'm guessing it might not live up to its name.
'Lil Abner'
'Richland Gold's Moonlight'
'Mighty Mouse'
My third mouse in the 'Blue Mouse' series. Love these tiny dwarf hostas but they tend to get lost when planted among other hostas. They look best planted in pots or I edge them with stones or bricks to make them stand out.
'Lakeside Kaleidoscope'
'Blue Jay'
Supposed to be one of the bluest hosta available. Blue hosta's require the most protection from the sun. This is because the blue color is actually a waxy coating on the leaf. In full, hot sun, this waxy coating can melt and expose the green leaf underneath. Touching them rubs off the coating as well and unfortunately it doesn't return.
'Cracker Crumbs'
Another miniature hosta that looking a bit bedraggled but a perfect hosta for my hypertufa planters. Hopefully it will look better next year.