Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let it snow!

Well....while I don't really care that much for snow, I admit it looks pretty when everything is covered with a blanket of the white stuff.
We had an inch or two on the ground and we were expecting to get a few more inches overnight.

Woke up to this! We got at least 5 or 6 inches overnight!
Carolyn, Are you jealous?
 That's my sister who goes to Florida to get away from this stuff. Lucky!

The birds like to perch on top of this feeder. No room today!

Bailey the snow dog!

Pampas Grass



No, this is not deer or rabbit damage. This is a ninebark shrub and it's bark peels off in the winter revealing a new layer of bark underneath.
And now I get to go out and drive to work in it...Yea:(


  1. Be careful out there, Pearl! Too bad we all cannot be as lucky as your sister...
    I love your header!

  2. Hi Pearl, I am JEALOUS... That snow is gorgeous... We NEVER get that much... Wow--that's alot of the white stuff...

    We woke up at 4 a.m. with a thunderstorm... (Is it spring here???) This morning, we have dense fog and drizzle. YUK!!!! ha

    Thanks for such beautiful photos...

  3. Bailey the snow dog looked so cute. Looked like he was saying..... what's this all about. The snow looks nice and I love seeing it, but don't like the cold or driving in it. It's 77 and sunny. A gorgeous day. Jr is at home. ( Ohio ) Went up for his Uncle Fred's funeral. Wish you'd be here. David's and I were at Paul's last night playing golf and eating popcorn that I had made. Yum. Miss you

  4. Miss you too. Wish I was there.
    Didn't know Fred died.

  5. We are in southern Ohio and only got about an inch of snow, but a lot of ice too. Love the pic of your snow dog.


  6. Well look at all of that snow up your way Pearl! The ones that stick to everything are always so pretty. I would have sooner got the snow than all this ice we have. Treacherous to walk out the door even. Stay safe.

  7. Bailey is really sweet! Does he like the snow? We rarely have a substantial fall of snow in my part of England, but my cat hates it!! Luv Jx

  8. Lona..I agree. I would rather have snow than ice. I hate those ice storms.
    Jan.. My dog used to like it better than he does now. He's getting old and doesn't like the cold! He was ready to go back in the house after a few minutes.

  9. Bailey is so adorable in the snow. Makes me smile even on a cold and dreary day.

  10. What beautiful snow pictures. I love the hydrangea and the cardinals.