Friday, July 5, 2013

Ten of my favorite Hosta's

Hosta's are an all time favorite perennial in the shade garden and I'm pretty passionate about them.
 Currently, I have around 60-65 varieties growing in my garden. That's not that many compared to what a lot of serious collectors have, but that number increases every year. Knowing the names is very important to me and I have about 5 or 6 noids (no id), but they are some of the older types that have been around for years so I might never know for sure what they are.
Because they are always coming out with new hostas, my favorites vary year to year. Frost damage, slugs, and whether the deer have feasted on them is a big factor too.

Hosta 'June' 
'June' is a medium sized hosta that is a favorite to many and is still number one in my garden. 'June' can look very different depending on how much sun or shade it receives. Mine is getting some late afternoon sun due to the loss of a shade tree, so it's a little less blue than I would like. Whatever it's appearance, every shade garden needs a 'June'
Hosta of the Year 2001

 Hosta 'Liberty'
This hosta is an absolute must have for hosta lovers! Mine has is only a year old but you can not help but stop in your tracks when you see a mature clump of Liberty! And it's slug resistant which is always a plus.
Hosta of the Year 2012

 Hosta 'Sagae'
Sagae is another garden showpiece. This lovely hosta has sage green leaves and cream margins and a nice upright shape.
Hosta of the year 2000.

Now the hosta's listed above are my top three favorite, the rest are a little harder to choose so they are not in any particular order.

Hosta 'Pauls Glory'
Another classic that should be in every hosta lovers garden. This 1999 Hosta of the Year is one you have to see in person to really appreciate and is truly an exceptional hosta.

Hosta 'Olive Bailey Langdon'
This is a new Wade and Gatton purchase this year but I'm already love the coloring on it.

This is what it looked like when I bought it.
Olive Bailey Langdon is supposed to be similar to 'Frances Williams' but less prone to spring burn.

Hosta  'Zounds'
Zounds really brightens up a dark spot in the shade garden but it is one of the slowest growing hosta I have. I just love the chartreuse color so it stays in my top 10 but it will probably lose it's spot next year with some of my newer, faster growing hostas of similar color.

Hosta 'Captain Kirk'
 I'm loving Captain Kirk this year. No problem with slugs on this one.

Hosta 'Deja Blu'
This pretty hosta supposedly gets a creamy lightning bolt between the chartreuse margin and the blue-green center. It hasn't shown up yet but when it does it becomes a very striking hosta.

Hosta 'Frosted Mouse Ears'
I have to include a mini in my top 10. Frosted Mouse ears is a sport of the very popular hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'. Very cute!

 Hosta 'Rainforest Sunrise'
It was hard to pick the last one but decided to include this hosta because it was chosen Hosta of the Year 2013.
This is also a new one from Wade and Gatton.  The foliage is nicely cupped and puckered and it's thick leaves makes it resistant to slugs.

If you love hosta's, what are some of your favorites?


  1. Yes some of those are my favorites as well. Why don't you put your no id's up on gardenweb for id. They are really good with that. Hosta's are some of my very favorite perennials.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. I actually did put one on there. That's a great forum! I use those old ones that I don't like as well to cover up a bank. Eventually I'll try to get them all ID'd.

  2. I love hostas too Pearl but mine are well nibbled I'm afraid.My favourite is one called Guardian Angel that I bought in memory of my late brother as he believed in guardian angels. It is quite small and in a pot and is the only one un nibbled!

    1. I've been using a lot of liquid fence this year. I'm also trying dabbing some Vicks underneath the leaves. Seems to be helping. I don't have Guardian Angel but that is a nice one.

  3. Beautiful, Pearl.... I am fairly new to Hostas ---but have many planted in our yard... Mine came from 'group pkgs' ---so I have no idea what the names are --but they are prettier this year than they ever have been... Guess they like the rain and cooler temps... The deer did 'eat' my only Blue Hosta -- but so far, they haven't bothered any of the rest of them...

    I have a very shady flowerbed under a thick Redbud tree... Nothing seems to do well in that bed---so I think I'm going to line it with Hostas all around...

    Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  4. They do seem to love the rain but so do the slugs. They are really bad this year. I don't know why but I'm a fanatic about knowing the names. I'm getting them labeled but I know all of them without the labels except for a few unknowns. I just want to make sure I don't forget them. If you ever come through Ohio make sure you visit Wade and Gatton. It's amazing!

  5. They are beautiful! I have several varieties, but unfortunately I don't know the names. I have picked them up at various places where people are thinning out their plants and I am lucky to be the recipient of a part of their hosta's!

  6. 60+ hostas are a lot of types! They are all so pretty. I have never seen half of these you chose as your favorites. Very nice and I really like how you have them all displayed and labeled.

    Kingston Center looks so beautiful. I too am interested in that Ohio buckeye. Such a nice form.