Monday, July 15, 2013

July Bloom Day

It's the 15th of the month which means it's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. July is when all my daylilies start blooming. My daylilies are all pass-along plants so I have no clue what their names are.
 This post was thrown together rather quickly because I have been cleaning up debris from a bad storm that moved through Ohio last week. Some of my flowers were flattened, but not the daylilies!
 I just didn't have time to get pictures of all of them.
 This is one of my favorites and it's especially beautiful after the rain which has been plentiful this year!
Tiny Todd Asiatic Lily
Lollipop Lily
Peony Poppy
Hydrangeas are starting to bloom.
Annabelle Hydrangea before last weeks storm......
And after.......Sigh:(
 Garden Phlox, Liatris or Blazing Star, and the Rudbeckia is just starting to bloom in the background.
Liatris is unusual in that it blooms from the top down which makes it a great cut flower, because as the old flowers on top begin to look spent, you can snip them off and the stalk will continue to bloom further down the stem.

 Yes...I know they are messy and invasive but this is the first year it's blooming since I planted it five years ago.  It was free and I'll enjoy it for a few years, and if or when it gets too bad we will get rid of it. The blooms are pretty and it's unusual to see a tree in bloom in July.
To see more gardens in bloom visit the link below. 
Linking to May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Hi, I found you through GBBD at Carols, thanks for the stroll around your lovely garden! I absolutely adore daylilies, well all sorts of lilies actually, you have a nice collection of daylilies! My Annabelle toppled over last year too, this year I have bought a wrought iron fence to support it and hope it will stay upright through whatever weather we might get, although over here in London we have had lovely weather for weeks and it is set to last for another few weeks. Have a great week, take care, Helene.

  2. Beautiful blooms! Especially the Day Lilies!
    I've never heard of Peony Poppy before - fantastic!
    Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. You have some very lovely blooms there. My liatris is blooming for the very first time. The astillbe here are done. So you know if they will rebloom is I clip off spent blossoms? ANd good for you shwoing off the mimosa. I always liked the blossoms - brings back memories of childhood climbing those trees.

  4. Lovely blooms. The Daylilies are in bloom here also although still waiting on a couple more. My Hydrangea are also either blooming or ready to based on which ones.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Your lilies are beautiful! I have always loved Annabelle hydrangeas and mine droops every year but this year I placed those metal loops around them and they are still looking good.

  6. Your gardens are array of the most beautiful blooms. Love them all. Hugs Judy

  7. Your daylilies are wonderful.

    Enjoy your mimosa until disease takes it out. Then you'll enjoy seedlings forever. The mimosa here died 40 years ago. We still get seedlings. They are short lived except when they grow in places we don't want them.

  8. I wish I had some pass along day lilies like yours! Very nice!
    The mimosa is lovely, surely that bloom is worth some aggravation!

  9. Happy GBBD! Your lily with the red center and the orange beautiful.

  10. Love the daylilies, especially the pink ones. I wonder if your yellow ruffly daylily is First Knight.

  11. Pearl your garden is just beautiful now. I so enjoy your lilies and especially that first one. Beautiful! My Mimosa is blooming now too but there are just not many bees and butterflies after them this year. Scary here! The double poppy is another beauty! Stay cool!

  12. Beautiful Pearl. Considering the fact that you had a storm, things still look GREAT. Sorry about your Hydrangeas. I love them --and don't have any.

    Your Day Lilies are gorgeous ---and I laughed that we both posted Day Lilies on today's blog....

    I love the Mimosa blooms --but my mother hated them. She was digging them out of the yard all of the time... We have that problem with our Redbuds....


  13. I'm so glad your Daylilies were spared from storm damage...and I agree about Mimosa...they are messy, but so pretty :-)

  14. A really gorgeous series of photos! Lovely and refreshing.