Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hostas.....the big ones.

'Christmas Tree'
The hostas in this post are the larger and older varieties that have been in my garden for years. I don't have names for all of them so if anyone knows what they are let me know. I'm trying to id them all.
 At this point 'Christmas Tree' is the largest hosta in my garden. This hosta  just looks good all season and doesn't require any care.

 I found a tree-frog, or in this case a 'hosta frog' nestled down in the hosta taking a nap.

'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'
The misty blue leaves on this one are very cupped upward and the leaves actually hold small pools of water after a rain - hence the name. The downside is, debris also collects there. Not so nice!

I'm not positive but I think this is 'Francee'.  It's not classified as a large hosta but it is one of the larger ones in my garden. One of those hostas you just about can't kill.

'Sum and Substance'
This one is classified as a giant. Mine is only a year old but it has doubled in size since planting. This one will be huge! Love the color of this one.

A mid-sized hosta that just keeps getting more stunning every year. I almost put this one on my top ten!
This is one I have had for years and it's been divided over and over. It's very common and a fast grower but I don't have an ID on it.
Another unknown one.
'Blue Angel'
Blue Angel is a popular hosta but not especially one of my favorites. It just hasn't performed as well as I expected.  For as long as I have had it, it should be a lot bigger.  I'll give it another year or two and if I don't change my mind about it, I'll move it to the slope behind the house.

 This is where all the unknowns and extras get planted. I want to get this whole bank covered with hostas and other ground covers and shade loving plants.

Mine has not reached maturity yet but it will be large when it does. Another one that the slugs just can't resist as you can see. This was the 2002 Hosta of the Year and is one of the fragrant hostas.

'Dream Queen'
Dream Queen is notorious for being a very slow grower. In fact mine is at least six years old and still only has one scape.

Hostas aren't known for their flowers, but Dream Queens are very pretty.
 And another blue one I need to id.  Someone on another site suggested it might be 'Halcyon'. I think it looks like 'Krossa Regal but it's not upright enough to be that one. The flowers on it were lavender.
If anyone can help id some of these I would really appreciate it.


  1. I have some of the same hostas because I recognize the names now like sum and substance. I'm waiting for my Empress Yu to get to maximum size. It has two years yet I think for that to happen.

    Lovely photos. Enjoyed reading it.

  2. Love seeing your different Hostas. Dream Queen is a beauty --and what gorgeous flowers...

    I have ordered a bunch more Hostas (which will come in Fall to plant). I am putting them all of the way around a couple of round flowerbeds which are shady and which need something like Hostas.... It will take a few years --but hopefully, they will eventually be gorgeous.

    Most of mine seem to look just like what you called Francee... They are very hardy ---and have done GREAT this year... Oh --how I love Hostas. BUT--I don't know the names like you do...


  3. Your Hosta are lovely. I have mine all for the foliage. They are no lovely and bring a lot to the gardens. Love that bed of extras.
    Cher Sunray Gardens