Saturday, March 31, 2012

Good-Bye March

I think this month goes down as the nicest March we have ever had. I hope that doesn't mean we are going to have our normal March weather in April!!
 Flowers keep coming into bloom inspite of our cooler weather this week with temperatures dipping down into the mid 20s one night. Fortunately the blooming trees didn't seem to be affected by the frost we received.
I mainly covered my Peonies, Hostas and Japanese Maple and hoped for the best for everything else. I forgot to cover the Hydrangeas and they did get some frost damage but I think they will grow out okay.

I LOVE Virginia Bluebells!!!

I have tried to get these started for I don't know how many years. I'm finally getting a few blooms. They are so common yet I had such a hard time to get them going.

Grape Hyacinth

Pulmonaria isn't at all bothered by frost. It keeps on blooming profusely and it's also deer and rabbit resistant which makes it a keeper in my garden.

The last of the white and yellow daffodils.


I'm trying to cover this eyesore bank with Periwinkle and each year it's looking better. It's especially pretty in the spring when it's in bloom. I love this as a ground cover.

 Some of my favorite spring flowers are Bleeding Hearts.

I didn't realize Sand Cherry Trees got this big or I wouldn't have agreed to have it planted in front of the house. I prune this thing back every year and still it's huge! Unfortunately the Japanese Beetles are very fond of this tree:(

Hellebores are another great spring flower that are deer and rabbit resistant. I'm definitely going to plant more of these in my garden.

Silver Beacon Lamium must have liked the mild winter because I have never seen it with this many blooms in March. In fact I saw blooms on it most of the winter.

Variegated Solomon's Seal

And a few of my Hostas that are appearing are.....
Hosta Sagae

 Midwest Magic

 First Frost

 Lemon Lime

Frosted Dimples

Hosta Winsome


  1. You have a lot of my favourite plants there! Mine are way behind yours though and the hostas and solomons seal are only just beginning to poke through.

  2. Nice plant collection - and a great eye with your camera. Let's hope April is just as nice as March.

  3. very beautiful! I'd happily share some of my grape hyacinths next weekend if you tell me where to drop them off :)

  4. What a great post, Pearl. I have several varieties of Hostas --but had no idea that they had 'names'... Mine were in a 'bundle' of several different ones when I bought them. I do have some which are almost white--and I have no idea what their name is.

    Glad the low temps didn't hurt your flowers/plants.. I still have a fear of that happening here --but so far, not... We won't be safe though until about April 15.

    Glad you like your periwinkle. We love ours --and every year it gets fuller and better.

    Our Daffodils are almost gone too --but we still have some Tulips blooming. AND--we have an Iris in bloom now.. Unbelievable!!!!

    We have some of those little Grape Hyacinths in our yard. Dad Adams gave us some. They do spread also.

    Have a great Sunday.

  5. Anne and Claudia...Thanks for your nice comments:)

    Martha...I don't know if you're serious or not but I'd happily take them:) but that sounds like a lot of bother!

    Betsy...I guess you could say I'm a hostaholic. There are thousands of species of them and I add a few new ones every year. I did a post last year on a wonderful place to buy them and plan on going there again in a few weeks. And yes, I love that periwinkle!

  6. Hi Pearl. You have quite a few hostas coming up. I love your Bluebells. Yours are ahead of mine in blooming and so is your Lamium. Bleeding Hearts are just so pretty. I like your Trillium's too. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Pearl,
    Carolyn told me of your blog, so i've been checking it out. I really like your flowers especially the bluebells and grape hyacinth, I guess I must like the color blue because they really caught my eye. Enjoy your recipes too. I want to make the rhubarb crunch, it looks so good.
    Louella Troyer

  8. Pearl,
    Carolyn told me of your blog,and I have been looking at it. I enjoy all your flowers especially those virginia bluebells, grape hyacinth and ground cover called ajuga. I think my favorite color must be blue, because they really caught my eye. I also like your recipes. The rhubarb crunch looks so good I will have to try it. Louella

  9. Thanks Louella. I love blue flowers too!!