Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Historic Elkmont Part 2

Among all the homes in Elkmont, the most impressive one and the most preserved is the Spence House or as the locals call it "The Pink House." Alice Townsend built this house in 1928 and named it River Lodge. I'm sure it was a beautiful home at one time.

You can't miss this structure because of it's size and color, and it's idyllic setting at the beginning of the Little River Trail. We noticed it several times when we were hiking in the area but never walked back to take a close look at it until last year.

 The central part is built of logs with a massive stone fireplace and a wing extending on both sides of the house.

The river rocks used to build the foundation, entry and fireplace, came from the river behind the house.

This is the only house that's being saved on Millionaire's Row. Since these photos were taken last year, this has been completely restored, and can now be rented for day use. Weddings, Reunions, Meetings etc....And yes, it's still pink!
 Next year I will get some after photos of these places.

Part of the circular driveway. I wonder what made the trees bend like that. They were the only ones like that. Very strange. 

  I don't recall if this was part of the Spence driveway or another one on Millionaire's Row. Oh, how I love these stone walls.

Every June for about 2 weeks a very rare phenomenom occurs in Elkmont.
 Synchronized Fireflies!!  There are 14 species of fireflies in the Smokies but only one has the ability to flash in sync with each other.
 It is said this only happens at two places in the world. In the Smoky Mountains especially Elkmont, and the other being in Southeast Asia.  People turn out by the thousands to view this unusual event. Scientists are completely baffled by what causes these fireflies to flash in unison but it is believed to be a mating ritual.
I just found this rather fascinating and thought I'd share.

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  1. Oh how I miss that area in Elkmont... So sad that it's changed and that most of these houses are gone now...

    We have never gone to Elkmont to see the fireflies. One of these days we will get there... I've heard that they are gorgeous.