Friday, December 16, 2011

Feathered Friends

One of my favorite winter pastimes is watching the birds at the feeders. They are a little slow showing up this year due to the mild weather. Their colors really brighten up the drab landscape at this time of the year. I just love watching them flit from one feeder to the next, competing for a position on a feeder.
Last winter a flock of bluebirds frequently visited my birdbath but completely ignored any offering of food I put out. Imagine my shock this morning when I looked out the window and there are several bluebirds at my suet feeder.

These two females wait for a turn on top of the feeder.

This male has a "birds eye view" up on the spouting.

One of the competitors.                   Red Bellied Woodpecker        

Come on!! Hurry it up would you?   I love the expressions on their faces.

Another Competitor is a Downy Woodpecker.

Don't eat it all now... Save some for me please!

Maybe she won't see me here on the other side.

Well....I guess she doesn't feel like sharing this morning.

They didn't hang around very long. I was so glad I happened to see them and hope I'll see more of them this winter.
 And here's a few more random shots of birds seen at the feeders.


Tufted Titmouse

Purple Finch



  1. very beautiful!! Love watching the birds at the feeder!

  2. Great pictures, Pearl, of your sweet little birdies. We have all of the same ones here --except instead of Purple Finches, we have House Finches... I haven't taken any pictures of our birds in a long time... After Christmas I will do that again...

    Do you have Northern Flickers up there? They are so pretty--and love the suet.


  3. What beautiful pictures Pearl. I am jealous girl because you have Bluebird in the winter. They are here in the summer but leave when cold weather comes.I would buy mealy worms for them if they were not so pricey. You got some fantastic picture of them.

  4. Thanks everyone.
    Yes Betsy, we do have Northern Flickers. It's a little harder to get them to the feeders but I do see them occasionally.
    Lona, Ever since I moved here 11 years ago I have wanted bluebirds.This past summer was my first successful nesting. Last winter they would come to my birdbath but passed on any food I put out. Even mealworms. So I'm pretty excited to see them eating at the feeders. They came back two days the next day, so I hope it's a start.
    It's been a long wait!!!