Monday, November 7, 2011

What a difference a week makes!

I guess all good things come to an end and so it is with the fall leaf color. It was such a pretty year for them here in Serenity Cove. They just don't last long enough!! But then maybe if they did we wouldn't appreciate their beauty as much.

I love to see the contrast of pine trees against the brilliant fall colors. 

These pictures were taken about a week ago and by yesterday it looked like this.....

This is the same tree that's in the first photo. 

The area in the fourth photo.

You have to love Japanese Maples. They are slow growers so they are great in places you don't want a tall tree. This one has been here for 10 years and has spread out more than it has grown in height. I want to add more cultivars of these trees.

 Hydrangea and Summer Wine Ninebark. I can't believe how gorgeous these hydrangeas were this fall. I love it with the ninebark behind it. If you don't have a ninebark you want to get one!! They are easy to take care of and I love the colors on them. I want to get Coppertina next year if I can find one. It gets it's name from the bark which peels off revealing a new layer of bark.

I still have a few flowers in bloom due to the mild weather we have been having. I'll take this weather all winter please!!!


The Blaze Climbing Rose also keeps blooming and I saw some new buds on this today.

You had better run and hide.... You know what season it is!!


  1. Beautiful pictures of your Fall color Pearl. They did fall way too fast this year. The weather has been so nice for a few days and I am loving that.Your Blaze rose is still blooming. Wow. Mine only ever bloomed just once in June. Your Japanese maple is gorgeous! Enjoy your week.

  2. Wow, what gorgeous photos. The oranges and yellows are so vivid. We've still got some leaves on here, but they are falling fast. I also like the young buck photo.

  3. Aw, our leaves have all fallen, as well. You really do have some wonderful blooms, still!
    Wasn't it a glorious autumn season, this year? My Japanese Maple is the last to drop it's leaves, but your cut leaf variety is a fabulous specimen!

  4. Wow, Pearl... what a great group of pictures. That's about the way it looks here also. A week in late fall can make a huge difference.

    Looks like you all have done a great job of removing the leaves though.. We haven't done much of that yet. That has always been my job in Fall but I can't do it this year due to my surgery. Poor hubby is having to do it all --and it's not a one-person job.... Oh Well--it will get done sometime.