Tuesday, August 19, 2014

West Trip....the long road home.

Well....here it's time for another cousins trip and I never got around to finishing last years trip! For the few people that still care....here are some highlights of last few days, which consisted of a lot of driving with a few stops here and there.
Continuing the long trip across Canada, day eleven was a driving day. We left Alberta and entered Saskatchewan.

 The country side was pretty, but a lot of the same. Prairies, farms, grain elevators, trains, etc.....mile after mile. Not at all how I envisioned Canada.

 I loved the cross in the sky.
 I forget what this was. Sand or Salt? That's what happens when you wait this long to blog about a trip that happened a year ago.
Who knows what this is? We all said dandelion but it's the biggest one I have ever seen!
We spent the night in Regina, Saskatchewan at a Country Inn and Suites. 
Day 12
We toured the Irvin Goodon Wildlife Museum. We were not allowed to take photographs here.
The last stop before crossing the border back into the United States was the International Peace Gardens.
The 3.65 square mile garden is located on the border of North Dakota and province of Manitoba. It was established in 1932 as a symbol of a peaceful relationship between the two nations.
A few of the features at the Peace Gardens are gorgeous gardens and the Peace Towers.
The four columns represent people coming from the four corners of the earth to form two similar but distinct nations, sharing a common base of democracy and beliefs.
The Carillon Bell Tower plays tunes every fifteen minutes.
9-11 Memorial
Steel girders from the  former World Trade Center were brought to rest at the Peace Gardens.
Interpretive Center and Conservatory
The Peace Chapel is the only building that straddles the US and Canadian border.
The chapel features quotes from "People of Peace" etched into fossil-embellished limestone walls.
Floral Clock
We are back in the states and spent the night at the Fireside Inn and Suites in Devils Lake North Dakota.
Day 13
A lot of driving again today with a stop at the headwaters of the Mighty Mississippi.
It's not so mighty at the beginning.
Lake Itasca
Lake Bemidji
We stayed at a Comfort Inn in Duluth Minnesota. That's us....Green Country Tours.
A beautiful array of Coleus outside the hotel.
Day 14
Sunrise over Duluth
We make a short stop at Amnicon Falls State Park in Superior, Wisconsin.
The Covered Horton Bridge
The Lower Falls
Another stop on this last full day on the road home was the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum.
Here you can experience what life was like in an 1890s logging camp.

On our last night we stayed in Janesville, Wisconsin.
Loading up that last morning was bittersweet knowing this was the final day. So many friends and memories were made in these two weeks...it was hard to see it come to an end.
Must be back in Ohio....it's cloudy. There is a Bicentennial Barn like this in every county in Ohio, a total of 88.
Would love to do this trip all over!


  1. Where are you headed this time for your cousins trip?

  2. That was a fantastic trip that you took. I have done the same thing that you did. I didn't finish blogging about our 2012 Yellowstone trip--and NEED to get back to that!!!! It's hard to remember the details this long after a trip. I did keep a journal --but some of the details (plus the enthusiasm) are gone.

    Loved that Peace Gardens. I have a good friend who lives in Manitoba ---so I'm going to ask her if she has been there... I'd love to see the Peace Towers/Gardens and the Carillon and Floral Clock... TERRIFIC.

    THEN--on your way home, I loved the waterfall and the covered bridge. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am so glad you finished sharing the pictures. I am surprised how open Canada is. The International Peace Gardens are Beautiful! You were pretty near my part of the country when you stopped in Eau Claire.

  4. Wow what a fantastic vacation. I love the gardens. I always think of Canada as lakes and mountains for some reason. LOL! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Pearl....haven't been on here for a long time so I didn't realize you had finished our trip. Glad you did. Those were salt flats.