Friday, June 14, 2013

Bloom Day

It's time once again for posting photos of what's blooming in the garden.
The only thing that's been predictable about our weather is that it has been completely unpredictable. In the upper 80s one week and the 60s the next. After two very dry summers, I am very thankful for the rain we have had this year.  Other than some containers, no watering has been needed which is great!
Here's what's blooming.
Two years ago I rescued this Blaze Climbing Rose from the Lowes clearance shelf. It's looking beautiful this year.

The Aquilegia bloomed profusely this year. The cooler weather helped I'm sure. These are done now but they were not blooming yet last month so I'll include them here.
 The pink ones are Nora Barlow.  The hosta on the right is Patriot.
Aquilegia and Hardy Geranium
Baptisia australis aka False Blue Indigo
A close up of this beautiful plant. One of my favorite perennials. I really need to add the yellow one to my garden too!
Blue Flax
Walkers Low Nepeta  (Catmint) and Coreopsis Zagreb
An unidentified Lily. Was labeled pink but I ended up loving the color anyway.
I don't know the names of any of my Irises, I just know they are pretty.
 Shasta Daisy
Blue Moon Wisteria Tree in it's third season.
Lupines and Japanese Irises
I did not see the snake in the background when I took the picture.....shudder!
Corydalis is an outstanding shade plant.
Sorbet Peony
Last is another favorite but it seems every year the Peonies get destroyed by wind and rain before I get pictures of the whole plant. I wish they would bloom longer. I just love them!
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  1. You have an awful lot blooming for you right now. That climbing Rose is beautiful!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Beautiful! All of them. The Lupines make me think of my sister Rosanna. :)

  3. The lupines are my favorite. Maybe because we just don't see them around here. The laurel is blooming in the mountains and the rhododendron is right behind it - better get down here soon!!!

  4. Such a lovely assortment of blooms and you know all the names too. I'm impressed! Catching up on blog posts when I should be out in the garden.

  5. The blue/purple aquilegia in front of the tree takes my breath away.
    The snake sends me running.
    What a gorgeous garden.
    Your hard work pays off.