Thursday, July 5, 2012

Daylilies in Bloom

We are having one of the hottest, driest summers ever, and if there was ever a flower made for this type of weather, its the daylily. While a lot of my flowers are sad looking and droopy with the lack of rain, daylilies don't miss a beat and just keep blooming their little hearts out.
Here are some of the daylilies that are blooming right now.

Daylilies are not true lilies but belong to the genus Hemerocallis, which means "beautiful for a day." Each bloom lasts only one day, but each scape produces multiple buds providing blooms for several weeks. Buds per scape can range from as few as ten to over fifty!

Daylilies are some of the easiest and most dependable plants you can grow. They are considered to be the perfect perennial because they grow in many climates, requires little care, resists drought and bloom for a long time each year.

Of course the pink shades are always my favorite.

 They come in all kinds of colors and sizes ranging from tiny dwarfs to towering scapes.
These beauties have come a long way from the tall orange lilies that grow wild beside the road which I always call "ditch lily".


  1. Well things weren't working on the comments so I'll write again. Beautiful Daylilies. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Hi Pearl. Your Daylilies are just gorgeous. This has been an extreme year for gardening so far. I saw there were rains up your way today so I hope you are getting some of it for your garden.

  3. Wow - your daylilies are really pretty. I had some in the front garden but they were killed by a Magnolia tree. Jx

  4. I agree... Our daylilies are doing GREAT --if we can keep the deer away. We seldom have trouble with deer --and we use Deer Scram AND Liquid Fence.. But--in this terrible weather (heat and drought), the deer are desperate for anything to eat.. Lately, they have bothered the daylilies more than the roses.. But--those wonderful daylilies (very similar to yours) just keep on coming back... Love those rebloomers!!!!

    Your photos and daylilies are beautiful.

  5. Pearl,
    Your daylilies are really nice. I have some of the same colors. They are one of my favorite flowers. We had them planted at the side of the house, so this year Owen moved them to my patio in the back of the house, now I can see them all the time! We planted some of those bluebells you showed off this spring. So far they are looking ok, sure hope they will surive with this drought. A good rain would be a blessing.