Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wade and Gatton Trip 2

A few weeks ago I made a return trip to Wade and Gatton, one of the largest hosta farms in Ohio.  This year I had a better idea of what hostas I wanted so instead of heading directly to the greenhouses, I spent some time wandering through the woods and gardens where they have their hostas planted by the thousands. I happened to meet the owner as I was meandering and during our conversation I asked him how many cultivars of hostas they have on the farm. He said they had over three thousand. WOW!!! No wonder I have a hard time selecting a few.

Hosta "Lakeport Blue"

Hosta "American Eagle"

Hosta "Sagae"
This is a beautiful hosta. I have this one but mine is about a third this size. Love the heart shaped leaves!

Hosta June seen on the left is my favorite Hosta in my garden but it might lose it's position ......

  to Hosta "Liberty". This is one GORGEOUS Hosta! I had to have this one!!

Hosta "Linda Sue"

Hosta "Independence Day"

Hosta "Aspen Gold"

Hosta "Sum and Substance"
I've been wanting a giant hosta so I bought this one. It can reach 30 inches tall by 60 inches wide or more. I love the chartreuse color on these.

Hosta "Guacamole"
I have this one in my garden.

Hosta "Delta Dawn"
I'm not sure why but I ended up with mostly photos of large hostas this year. I guess they just made a bigger impact. The small ones kind of disappear among the large ones. I do love the miniature ones though and I broke down and bought one this year. It seems the smaller it is, the more it costs!

Rhododendron's were in bloom. I love these but unfortunately I just don't have any success with them.

Their Peony Garden was in bloom so I have to include a few of them as well.
I didn't take time to get the names but they were all gorgeous!


  1. Isn't Wade and Gatton fabulous? I went several times and got a lovely light green and cream hosta called "Gin and Tonic". Really nice.

  2. Yes, I love going there. It's like hosta heaven!

  3. 3000 cultivars! Amazing. I've never visited a hosta farm and now I am wondering why as it would be so fun. I will have to remember this farm because if it is close to Louisville I might be able to make it sometime. The hostas are all so pretty it must have been awesome seeing them growing in the ground in their native surroundings.