Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Hosta's in the Garden

Here are the new hostas added to my shade garden this year.

Hosta "Liberty"
Hosta of the year 2012. This one was on the top of my "have to have" list. This hosta is one of the most beautiful hostas I've seen in years and a real standout in the garden. I can't wait until this reaches full size!

Sum and Substance
A striking chartreuse-gold colored hosta with heavy substance and a waxy sheen. This one will get humongous some day. This was HOTY 2004.

Deja Blu

Spilt Milk

Paradise Island
This hosta has yellow-green leaves with a darker green margin, but I bought it especially because of the red petioles and I like how some of the red color comes up into the base of each leaf.

Hosta "Orange Marmalade"
Doesn't look like much now but supposedly it emerges in the spring with gold-orange leaves. This hosta goes through several color changes throughout the season with the orange variegation being the most sought after.

Captain Kirk

Praying Hands
Praying Hands is a very unusual hosta with upright, narrow, tightly folded leaves that resemble hands folded in prayer. I decided to experiment with growing hostas in pots. The real test will be keeping them over winter. HOTY 2011.

Hosta "Cuyahoga"
This is a fairly new and hard to find hosta so I grabbed one up when I saw it at Wade and Gatton. I don't have much info on it, just liked the photo I saw on-line.

Frosted Mouse Ears
 I love the mouse varieties of miniature hostas. Just adorable!! Somewhere I saw a list of 28 different mouse types. 
  Miniatures are perfect for borders, fairy gardens and in containers.


  1. Hello Pearl, loving your healthy looking hostas.Some of mine have been severely nibbled by the slugs and snails.My latest one is called Guardian Angel and I bought it in remembrance of my late brother.It is kept in a pot and dressed with grit to try and deter them from nibbling!How do you manage?

    1. Anne, I sprinkle a pinch of salt on slugs. Slugs seem to come out more after rain so that's a good time to do it. Since I do this I don't have near as many but I still have some problem with them, especially on the thinner leafed hostas. They don't bother the thicker ones as much.

  2. Wow----do I love this post... I love Hostas --but know nothing about them. I have several in my yard and they are doing GREAT here. I got them in a 'mixture' box at Sam's one year. I'm sure they are ordinary ones. Have no idea what their names were/are.... I would love Orange Marmalade and also Captain Kirk. Liberty is fabulous also. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Pearl, No, I was talking about Louisville KY. My daughter lives there so we sometimes go visit. I think Cincinatti is not so far from there? That was why I was thinking Ohio might be close but it is a big state so perhaps not so close. I didn't even know there was a Louisville OH. I Googled it and it looks to be in the northeast part of the state so visiting is probably not going to happen soon:( If I ever get up that way I plan to visit the hosta farm though because I've never visited one before.

    That hypertufa pot is beautiful with 'Praying Hands' in it.

  4. You have added quite a few to your collection this year. I really like the Paradise Island with the red stems. The Praying Hands is another beauty and looks so lovely in the hypertufa container with violas.