Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cades Cove Part 2

A few weeks ago I did a post on our favorite place to visit in the Smoky Mountains focusing on the historical buildings preserved in Cades Cove. In this post I will show some of the scenery in the cove.
The best time to drive through the cove in my opinion is early morning or evening, two or three hours before dusk. We give ourselves plenty of time because we stop here and there just to soak in the beauty.
Something we have not done is horseback riding but there is a stable here if you like to ride.
An excellent way to see the Cove is to bike the eleven mile loop. Bring your own or I think they can still be rented there. The best time to do that is Wednesday or Saturday morning May-September, they close the road for vehicular traffic until 10:30. That gives bikers the road to themselves for a few hours. One time we did this we counted 100 deer, after that it was just like yeah, there's another one.

I love the low-hanging clouds that envelop the mountains after the rain has passed.....

and the early morning fog that lingers in the valleys.

Foggy Morning on Hyatt Lane

Dawn in the Cove

Judging by this Coyote's behavior, he's been fed. Feeding animals in the Cove or anywhere in the Park is illegal and can result in a fine of $5,000!! It's sad but a lot of animals that are fed eventually end up being moved from the park or euthanized because they lose their fear of humans.

We see bears frequently in the Cove, but I still have not been able to capture a great photo. It's always too far away, too dark, hidden in tall grass or up in a tree. Plus whenever there is a bear, it creates such a jam of traffic by the time we are able to get to where the bear was, it's gone. Nevertheless, It's always exciting to catch a glimpse of one. The most we ever saw in one night is twelve.

Why did the turkey cross the road?

This picture and the next few are taken at our favorite scenic pulloff in the cove. Wouldn't you just love to have a cabin right here? I would!!

 I'll take these rustic split rail fences any day over barbed wire.

Abram Falls
A five mile round-trip hike leads to Abram Falls, named after Cherokee Chief Abraham who's village once stood several miles downstream.

Cades Cove Sunset

My next Smoky Mountain post will be our hike to Gregory Bald to see the Azaleas.


  1. What a peaceful place!! Beautiful photos!

  2. Awesome, Pearl... I love that place also --and could never tire of seeing it... Love your photos...

  3. My goodness this is some beeee u ti ful country here. I love the fog and low lying clouds....too much wildlife for my comfort. Had a coyote in my yard a couple of years back. They live in a 12 mile radius...

  4. Oh my, since I am currently traveling in the northeast, you've made me homesick!! Cades Cove is my back yard and these pictures are exquisite. They so capture the spirit of the Cades Cove I love so much. I never tire, nor will I EVER take for granted, the fact that I can be in this cove in less than 30 minutes from my driveway!

    1. Sharon...You are blessed indeed to live so close to the Smokies. It is my dream!

  5. That would be awesome to be that close. Pearl, where was that picture taken of the gravel road? The cove is paved. At least I thought so. Such gorgeous pictures. I'm ready to go back.

    1. Carolyn...There are two gravel roads that cut across the Cove. One is Sparks Lane and the other is Hyatt Lane. I don't remember which one it was.

  6. These are gorgeous photos... what a lovely part of the world! Jx

  7. Gorgeous pictures of the Cove. I believe we both have the dream of having a cabin at the same spot! In April when we in Cades Cove we spotted two wolves. They called them the Red Wolf and they were big. Yes it is so neat to see the bear and of course the ever-present deer and sometimes the bucks. Love it!! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Leona