Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bluebird Fledgling's

My bluebirds fledged a few weeks ago but until a few days ago I didn't know if it was successful or not. I tried to watch where the parents went, but didn't spot the babies anywhere. Finally at the end of last week I was sure I saw one and today I saw two of them. There were 6 eggs in the nestbox so I hope there are more, but I'm so excited to have a few make it.

I spotted one sitting on a feeder this morning and.......

another one up on the roof.

I hurried out with some mealworms and sat back and waited. Sure enough, they showed up and started feeding their young.

It looks like the males do most of the feeding, but in the females defense I think she is busy building another nest in the same box. So hopefully there will be another nesting.

Any left for me?

So much fun to watch!!!


  1. Oh how awesome, Pearl... Fabulous photos. Love the one with Daddy feeding the one with its mouth open.... CUTE!!!!!

    I hope to see this here sometime this summer.... I'm keeping my fingers crossed...


  2. So neat, Pearl. Now tell me how I can keep those pesty house sparrows from eating my grape jelly that I have out for the Baltimore Orioles. I'm so annoyed at them. Who would of thought they would eat the grape jelly.

  3. Carolyn, My Woodpeckers eat jelly occasionally but I have never seen a house sparrow eat any. We trap ours early in the spring when they are trying to nest in the bluebird houses. We have a trap that goes inside the house. After that we don't have too many problems with them. That's got to be frustrating!!