Friday, February 10, 2012


Today I was blessed with another visit by a flock of bluebirds that make an appearance every now and then.
 This time they hung around for at least an hour and they were so entertaining and fun to watch. They appear to be getting a little bolder around the feeders and except for the woodpeckers, they pretty much held their ground.

Hey Mr Finch...This is a post for bluebirds only. Skedaddle!

Note to self...Plant more berry bearing shrubs and trees.

Look at me...I can walk on water.

If there was a bird popularity contest, I think bluebirds would win hands down. They are such a joy to have around. What bird is your favorite?


  1. Yes---for sure, Bluebirds are my favorite birds... You captured some great pictures of them... We have snow tonight and the temperatures are falling quickly... Supposed to be about 10 degrees tomorrow night... Yipes... I'll be sure to feed my birds alot of extra treats tomorrow.


  2. How pretty they look. Lovely photos you captured.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. How lucky are you Pearl. They are just such a beautiful bird. You captured the best pictures of them. Gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful photos. You certainly have a birds eye view - your feeders a busy! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow! We were just at the Wisconsin garden expo learning about bluebirds. We get a lot of birds, but haven't seen any bluebirds. Can I ask what kind of feeder it is and what kind of seed you have in it? Beautiful photos. Bluebirds really are up there on the "special" list.

  6. Thank You everyone.
    Sherry...It's just a simple homemade suet feeder one of my girls made years ago. I make my own suet with peanut butter, beef fat/bacon grease,cornmeal,oatmeal, raisins, etc.
    The tube style feeder is chopped peanuts but they mostly go for the suet. I'll try to get a recipe posted asap.

  7. Watching my birds is one thing that I miss being in Fla. They have big birds around here, but not the special ones that we have. Cardinals and bluebirds are favorite ones of mine.

  8. Pearl, thanks. We will try that and also try your recipe when you post it. I was at Wamart yesterday and saw a feeder that says it is specifically for bluebirds. It was $9 so I bought it. It looks like a regular feeder with round hole. Made of cedar. I am going to do a post on bluebirds, in the next day or so. I hope it's OK if I link to this post on your site.

  9. Sherry...That's fine. Good luck with your bluebirds. They sure are beautiful birds. I've tried for about 10 years to attract them and although I see them around, this is the first winter they are coming to the feeders. Hoping I will get some to nest in my bluebird houses this summer! Had one last year:)