Friday, October 7, 2011

Rebecca's Bistro

Rebecca's Bistro in Walnut Creek Ohio is a wonderful place to gather with friends or relatives in this case. Well... they are my friends too. I have been meeting with this group once a month (excluding the summer months) for about 30 years! Now that's dedication!! One is missing in this photo.

This used to be a log cabin built in the 1800's and restored to a cozy, quaint restaurant about 9 years ago.

This has always been a favorite place for us to meet and the food is fantastic. The menu varies from day to day with delicious salads, soups and sandwiches.

I just love the rustic decor of this place and it has such a warm, cozy and homey atmosphere.

Some adorable wall displays.

I could sit here with a book and a cup of coffee all day and... 

I would probably have to have one of these pastries. Only one word needed. YUM!

The outside is decorated for the season.

There's something in every nook and cranny.

I hope you all have the chance to visit this place sometime. I know you will love it.


  1. It looks fantastic. I love the mantel display - very inspirational! You are so lucky to be meeting with the same friends for 30 years. I've moved around so much and had many different jobs that I don't have many 30- year friends to have lunch with.

  2. What a fantastic and charming place Pearl. I do not remember seeing it on my trips to Walnut Creek but there is always so much to see when we are there. We were not able to visit this year and we have missed not being there.I will be looking for it when we do make a trip.

  3. Great pictures! Would you mind if I used them for the Rebecca's Bistro Facebook page?