Friday, October 28, 2011

Apple Season

One of the best things about fall is apples and my favorite place to get them is my local apple orchard.  This place is owned and operated by Amish and in the fall this place turns into a bustling tourist attraction.

A very common mode of transportation in my area.
The sweet aroma of apples and cider meet you as you walk in the door. I like to pick my apples out of the bins so I can mix them up.

This place has a great selection of locally grown produce and just about the best prices around.

I enjoy seeing all the fall displays of pumpkins, squash and gourds....

and the vast selection of fall mums. It's hard choosing a mum because they are all beautiful. There are so many different colors and this year I have been seeing some with a combination of two colors in one pot. So pretty!
 It's tempting to buy the mums that are in full bloom for instant color, but the ones with unopened buds will last longer into the season and those are the ones I choose.

You can buy corn shocks and....

Indian Corn

Did I mention apples?

In my opinion this apple cider is about the best you can buy. It is full of flavor and so refreshing with just the right blend of apples.
Occasionally on a cold night I will heat some up with red hot cinnamon candies melted in, but I like it best fresh and cold out of the jug! Did you know apple cider freezes very well? Just remember to leave some room for expansion.

Watermelon for under $2.00?? Wow.

An apple a day....Excuse me...I got a sudden craving for an apple!!


  1. makes me homesick for my hometown! and the people that live there:)

  2. WHAT?! you live in Walnut Creek? my sister lives nearby & my DIL is from there - in fact, that's her in the above comment! small world! BTW - i did not get your email for your address for the giveaway...hope to hear from you soon again! Esther

  3. I live about 3 miles from WC...I know your DIL's sister and now I wonder who your sister is. I tried to send you an email again.

  4. What a wonderful place to have so nearby. The variety of apples looks like a work of art!