Monday, October 7, 2013

West Trip.....Day 8 Sulphur Mountain

My sisters and I at the hotel in Banff, Alberta.
This hotel had a beautiful courtyard completely surrounded by guest rooms......but no air conditioning! And it was like 80+ degrees:(  What's up with that?

This is day 8 of our trip and we have been on the road for a week.
  I have been looking forward to the Canadian Rockies more than any other place we've been to and finally we are here.
I'm going to do a few posts of locations instead of days. It's just too hard to pick out a few photos of each place and cram them all into one post.
Our first stop was the gondola ride to the summit of Sulphur Mountain. In just eight minutes you are on top of Sulfur Mountain at an elevation of 7,486 above sea level.
 Sulphur Mountain is named for the sulphuric hot springs found on it's lower slopes.
 For the more adventurous there is a 3.5 mile trail you can hike up.
The summit visitor center has two restaurants, a gift shop, and multiple observation decks. The true summit of Sulphur Mountain is the tall peak to the right of the center.
There are breathtaking panoramic views of Banff and the Bow Valley, and many of the areas mountain peaks can be seen from the observation decks.
 The tall mountain to the left is Cascade Mountain and the short mountain is Tunnel Mountain. Tunnel Mountain is nearly encircled by the town of Banff and there is no tunnel in the mountain.
 The lake in the distance is  Lake Minnewanka and the river flowing through Banff is Bow River.
 Various trails offer scenic mountain views in every direction. The day we were there was cloudy and hazy but still amazing.
Pilot Mountain 
 The Sundance Range

Sulphur Mountain and Sanson's peak are joined by a wooden boardwalk.
A National Historic Site, this stone cabin built in 1903 was the first meteorological observatory in this area. Norman Sanson observed the weather from Sansons Peak for 30 years and made over 1000 trips up to the peak during his capacity of park meteorologist.
A look through the window you can see it's interior is still complete with rustic furnishings. are a lot cuter here than at home.
The famous Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. In the upper left corner the Bow River Falls are visible.
Mount Rundle
Next.....Lake Louise 



  1. What great photos and memories! Jx

  2. Wow, Pearl. That is an awesome place. It's no wonder you loved it so much... I could spend a week or so THERE.... Gorgeous!


  3. Oh my gosh... Your pictures are so beautiful! I feel like I keep saying that to you, but that truly are!

  4. Pearl, Did you see on the photo of Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel that you also got the Bow River Falls on it? After seeing your pictures of Sulphur Mountain I now want to go back and retake mine. You saw things to take pictures of that I didn't. When you have so little time it's hard to see what to take pictures of and still enjoy the beauty without being behind the camera. So want to go back.

  5. No I did not notice that. I saw photos on-line of those falls but I did not realize where they were. I'll go back and add that to my post. Thanks for pointing that out. We probably could have walked to them from Banff if we would have had more time.
    We should have done a two week trip just to Canada! We definitely want to go back by ourselves sometime. In doing some research, I'm finding a lot of stuff we missed!!
    Some of the pictures Merv took with the other camera. I like when we both take pictures because he will get things that I miss.

  6. I shoul have left my camera at home and just enjoyed yours!! You do an outstanding job at taking pictures.