Friday, April 20, 2012

Back in the Garden

I'm finally getting back in the garden after several weeks of cold weather.
After the beautiful weather we had in March, the cold weather returned as soon as we turned the calendar to April. Mother Nature said April Fools, we are not done with winter yet!!
 It's been a frustrating few weeks of trying to keep tender plants covered then uncovered repeatedly.  I see we have some more lows in the mid 30s forecasted this weekend:( 
Some of my favorite hosta's got frost damage even though I covered them. I don't know if I should cut them back or not. I guess I'll wait and see what they look like and cut off the damaged leaves.
 I would much rather have my cold weather when we are supposed to have it and get it over with!!!

Here's what's bloomin'
Angelique Tulip

More Daffodil's.


Woodland Phlox

Anyone need Forget-Me-Nots? I have plenty to spare!

Dogwoods are blooming in Serenity Cove. They are even prettier with the Cardinals perched in them.

I wanted to watch this bluebird get that into the nest but what appeared in the next photo made him fly away.


Wood Poppy

Ajuga is so pretty when it's in bloom but it spreads fast. I never see weeds get through this so it makes a great ground cover. Nothing I hate more than ground covers that don't do what they are supposed too!
 I need to get this trimmed back. See how it is growing out into the pavers. I just take my half-moon edger along the edge of the pavers. If I want to start more somewhere else, sometimes I pitch it on a bank somewhere and it starts growing. Doesn't get much easier than that.

Up next I'm going to share a tip using one of my favorite garden tools.
 A hammer.


  1. beautiful, beautiful blooms! The bluebirds are also making a nest in my backyard birdhouse. I was so excited about that!

  2. Hi Pearl, Oh what we gardeners do to keep our plants/flowers alive... It has been a frustrating spring --even though we got lucky and didn't get any frost... BUT--they said on TV tonight that the Smokies may have some snow on Monday... GADS!!!! (Wonder if Spring will ever get here for good????)

    Love your Ajuga... As you know, we use Periwinkle and English Ivy as our ground covers...Both do well...

    Our Bluebirds have babies in the nestbox... I don't know how many -but I have been watching them go back and forth to the nestbox. Exciting times!!!!

    Have a good weekend.

  3. Everything looks lovely and those Ajuga in bloom are lovely.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Hi Pearl. Your plants is a little behind ours down here but that may be a good thing with this crazy weather. I hope your hosta plants come out of it. Your Forget Me Not's are just beautiful spreading out. I love the Wood Poppy and your crabapple is so pretty.Those pesky old deer. What a great picture of the Cardinals in the Dogwood tree.

  5. Pearl, beautiful flowers...I love primrose and phlox-your blog gives me serenity. I stopped over from Betsy's and really enjoyed my visit; thank you!

  6. Wow, I am completely blown away by your beautiful pictures of your flowers.I love the red birds too, we dont get anything like them here.Just lovely X

  7. I am so blessed to have been directed to your blog via Lona's. I have been looking for true Forget Me Nots, with the yellow eye. I have the Chinese ones which are solid blue. I would love to have some seed from yours, if you don't mind sharing with me. I also am one of those gardening/bloggers that sends collected seed and cuttings all over the place. If you see something on my blog that interest you, just let me know. I have tons and tons of red breadseed poppy seeds and will have tons and tons of larkspur seeds as well as many others. Drop by sometime and look around. Your gardens very pretty. I have never seen such a creamsicle looking Daff. The stand of Ajuga is quite impressive as well!!

  8. Love your blog. I would like to have a start of the forget-me-nots and also the ajuga when you thin yours out.Thanks,your sis Glenda