Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Smoky Mountains

Anyone who knows me well know my husband and I love going to the Smoky Mountains. One of our favorite things to do is hike. With over 900 miles of trails theres always a new place to explore.  Rhododendren Creek is a hidden jewel.

 Not mentioned in any trail book very few people know its there just yards from the road.  Winding your way back into the forest you will pass several beautiful waterfalls and cascades.

It is so peaceful and serene.

This is a short and easy hike approximately 1/2 mile long.  The most people we have met on this trail is two.

Hope you enjoyed this trip into Rhododendren Creek.


  1. HI Pearl, My hubby and I know that Greenbriar area well... You are right.. It is gorgeous. We also love the Tremont area... There are some great places to hike and see waterfalls in that area. In May, we drove across Parson Branch Road. AWESOME.. We love those back areas also --like you do. We are waterfall hunters (BIGTIME).. I think we have seen over 450 different waterfalls and cascades---many in the Smokies!!!!

    Thanks for coming to my blog. Sounds like we have alot in common. Please come back --and I'll come back to yours..


  2. How beautiful.Brings back memories. When I was a child we use to go there every summer. Relatives lived nearby.I use to love the moss covered stream and Rhododendrons in bloom along the creeks. Your pictures are so wonderful and that water looks refreshing today as hot as it is.

  3. Betsy..We love Tremont too.Unfortunately my photos are on my old computer. I need to see if I can retrieve them. We love waterfalls too!!

    Lona..I went to the Smokies growing up too. I just never stopped going back:) It's our favorite vacation spot!